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We did it!  Some are calling it a renaissance, some call it David and Goliath...Me? I call it a win for Dunedin's quality of life and better government.

I'm honored to be your newest Dunedin City Commissioner!

In this month dedicated to Thanksgiving, I want to share with you my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your support, time, effort and each unique contribution that you made on my behalf.

In the beginning I promised you a campaign full of grace and you delivered with an outpouring of wide support that gave us a most decisive win.  Your confidence in my campaign inspires me to get to work for a better and brighter Dunedin.

With heartfelt thanks,

It is time for a change on the Dunedin City Commission.

It is time for our city government to work the way it should:

  • Responsively
  • With trust
  • With real fiscal prudence
  • With transparency in the Sunshine
  • City tax dollars should benefit the most citizens possible
  • Without cronyism

I feel privileged to live and raise my family in the wonderful community of Dunedin. But I’m concerned that our quality of life may be threatened by the views and votes of the current Commissioner in Seat 3.

Providing basic infrastructure is important and must continue. But we must bring back balance to our priorities. We need policies that will preserve and ensure Dunedin’s uniqueness and charm.

As your Commissioner in Seat 3, I will work hard to make sure all of our assets are well maintained: public safety, roads, utilities, parks, recreation, library, and cultural facilities. I will work hard to promote environmental stewardship and “green” practices. I will work hard to return to true fiscal prudence.

Dunedin is starting to show some wear and tear and I think it is partially due to the divisiveness on our present City Commission. I will bring balance back to the City Commission and City budget. Leadership starts at the top. Positive and constructive conversations should prevail so that our City professional staff can perform to their very best. Dunedin is recognized throughout Pinellas County as one of the best cities in our area. This was accomplished over many decades by dedicated and far sighted citizens. I promise to serve you in that same manner – fairly and objectively for all our citizens. I hope that you will vote for me, Heather Gracy, on Tuesday, November 6th.

Heather Gracy

I will bring a new and different perspective to the Dunedin City Commission. I want to ensure that there’s better balance between Dunedin quality of life that make our lives more enjoyable and add character to families and neighborhoods with the necessary infrastructure improvements that supports our basic needs for living and travelling throughout Dunedin. Heather Gracy